IV Vitamin Therapy

Boost immunity, increase energy, and maintain hydration.

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a preventative and restorative service that helps deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to the body. Taking bulky pills and supplements may sometimes result in a loss of potency or poor absorption. However, when these vital nutrients and vitamins are delivered directly into the bloodstream, the results are often felt minutes following a treatment.

Before: Wear a shirt that will allow for easy access to your arm. Have something to eat to keep from becoming lightheaded during the treatment, and try to hydrate which will make your veins more easily accessible.

During: Our IV treatments can last between 45 – 90 minutes. You may experience coldness or tingling in your fingertips or arm. You may also taste the vitamins. All of these reactions are normal and will quickly resolve once the treatment has finished. For other patients, a feeling of relaxation is their primary sensation.

After: Many patients feel refreshed almost immediately following their treatment. They describe an increase in energy, alertness, and sense of wellbeing. You can continue with your daily activities, hydrate, and eat regular meals. You may have slight bruising at the IV site, but this typically resolves within a week.

In addition to our IV vitamin therapy treatments, we offer vitamin D, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B and lipotrophic injections to target common deficiencies and boost energy levels. 

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